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Personalised Support for Your Unique Pregnancy & Birth Journey

Empower your birth choices with your doula’s unwavering emotional & physical support. Discover the power of personalised doula care in Brighton.

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Confident Choices for a Positive Birth

Hello, soon-to-be mummas. The path to bringing a new life into the world is nothing short of transformative, right? Between balancing work, dealing with hormonal changes, and sorting through conflicting advice, it’s enough to make anyone feel a bit on edge.

And yes, those fears about childbirth complications and parenting skills tend to sneak in, clouding what should be a joyous time. Sometimes, it feels less like a wondrous journey and more like navigating a maze without a map.

That’s where a birth and postnatal doula in Brighton like me comes in. My role is to dissolve those doubts and empower you to approach this significant life event with assurance. Consider me your personalised guide, offering you the emotional and practical support you need. I’m here to be your advocate, your listening ear, and your steadfast companion as you take confident steps towards parenthood.

Tailored for you

Every birth story is unique, that's why I offer 100% personalised doula support designed around your desires and birth plan.

Your birth advocate

Your voice matters. I'll be your advocate, ensuring your preferences are honoured throughout your birthing process.

Holistic approach

A doula with a holistic approach, nurturing your emotional well-being and mental strength before, during and after your birth and beyond.

Choosing Bere as my doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. She provided the emotional and practical support I didn’t know I needed. I felt empowered and confident, turning what could have been a stressful experience into a joyous one.

Sarah, Brighton Mum

Brighton Doula Services

Navigating through pregnancy symptoms and not sure which way to turn? I’ve got you covered with holistic care and guidance. Thinking about how to make your birth experience as unique as you are? Let’s create a birth plan together that fits you like a glove. And when it comes to stepping into parenthood, I’ve got your back with soothing postpartum support and baby massage know-how for you and your partner. Let’s turn your uncertainties into a confident journey towards childbirth and beyond.

Pregnancy doula

We all need a sister to lean on during the ups and downs of pregnancy. Someone to help ease the nausea, support us through bed rest, and ride the emotional rollercoaster right alongside us. Together, we'll talk about everything under the sun to make sure you and your family are fully prepared to welcome your precious new cherub into the world.

Birth Doula

I've got you from the first twinge to the first cry. We'll laugh, chat, and breathe deeply, while your body works its magic. I'll be your support, your guide, your own personal cheerleader, as you bring your little one earthside. Together, we'll groove to the rhythm of your labor, until your bundle of joy finally arrives. You got this! You write your own birth story!

Postpartum Doula

As you embark on this new journey, I'll be your house fairy, ill be there to guide you through the ups and downs. From the challenges of sore nipples and smelly nappies to the chaos of milk spills and tender parts, I'm here with you every step of the way. We can talk, laugh, and even cry – it's all part of the beautiful process of becoming a new parent.

You must have a lot of questions. I'm here to help

Your free, no-strings attached chit-chat session where you can ask all your questions and also learn a bit about me.

Recent Posts

Whether you’re expectant parents preparing to welcome your baby into the world or a doula training to support women looking for evidence-based information to expand your knowledge, this blog will guide you along your journey.

As a certified birth doula and nurse, Bere’s mission is to ensure that women have the support they need in order to have a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

She is passionate about helping women have the birth they have always dreamed of without fear. Her hope is that through this blog, she will empower and support families, women and expectant parents, and fellow labour and birth doulas worldwide to make informed choices to have a beautiful, positive experience.

She encourages her readers to join her on this journey and loves connecting with them and hearing their stories!

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It's 100% Natural to Have Doubts and Fears

Whether you’re new to parenthood or adding another child to your Brighton-based family, having doubts and fears is all part of the experience. Each birthing journey comes with its own set of emotional highs and lows, not to mention challenges. Even when it seems like your carefully considered plans are veering off course, research suggests that the presence of a birth and postpartum doula can:

Frequently asked Doula questions

All the answers you could ever want from your Brighton doula UK

Good question!

A doula is like your personal guide for everything baby-related.

Think of me as a coach who helps you through pregnancy, birth, and even after your baby arrives.

I offer advice, emotional support, and answer all your questions so you can have a smoother, happier experience.

Money matters are always tricky, aren’t they?

While it might seem like a doula is a luxury, many Brighton mums find the service invaluable.

According to studies, having a doula can lessen the need for medical interventions and even reduce labour time.

The emotional support and educational guidance can also be priceless.

Plus, there are various pricing options and even payment plans to help make it more affordable.

Some doulas offer their services for free for families in difficult financial situations, so make sure to ask.

Finding the right antenatal doula in Brighton is a bit like dating.

You’ll want to meet a few to see who you click with.

Ask about their experience, what services they offer, and how they can help with your own unique needs.

Trust your gut; you’ll know when it’s a good match.

You’re on the right track with planning ahead. Generally, it’s a good idea to start looking for a doula during your second trimester. This gives you plenty of time to find someone who feels like the right fit for you and your family. However, don’t stress if you’re a bit late to the game. Some doulas may be available on shorter notice, but early booking increases your options.

Absolutely, life loves throwing curveballs, especially when you least expect it.

If your birthing process doesn’t go as planned, a doula is there to help you adapt and make informed decisions.

Whether it’s considering a C-section or needing other medical interventions, your doula can provide valuable insights and emotional support to help you adjust your plan on the fly.

They’re there to advocate for YOU.

Getting in touch with me couldn’t be simpler. Lewes, Brighton and Hove and beyond, if you’re anywhere in East Sussex, several communication channels are at your disposal—WhatsApp, email, or even scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation at your convenience.

Picking a doula is no small matter, that’s why I’m here to answer any queries you have, educate you about all the information you need, and guide you towards creating the best birthing experience for both you and your little one.