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Prepare with confidence

Hey there, soon-to-be moms. Let’s be real, the journey of pregnancy has been quite a ride, hasn’t it? From those unexpected belly pats to morning sickness and mood swings, it’s a whirlwind of emotions and experiences.

And let’s not forget the unsolicited birth horror stories that everyone seems eager to share. It’s as if the joy of childbirth is getting overshadowed by anxiety. Those worries start to creep in, turning this beautiful journey into what feels like a suspenseful thriller.

That’s why London doulas are so great. Doulas help to ease your doubts and fears. My mission is to be your support, guiding you through this path with confidence. To be your advocate, your confidante, and your partner in your journey into motherhood.

Tailored for you

Every birth story is unique, that's why I offer 100% personalised doula support designed around your desires and birth plan.

Your birth advocate

Your voice matters. I'll be your advocate, ensuring your preferences are honored throughout your birthing process.

Holistic approach

A doula with a holistic approach, nurturing your emotional well-being and mental strength before, during and after your birth.

As a first-time mum, I was overwhelmed by the whirlwind of pregnancy and what was to come. Then came across Bere. She was a guardian angel, providing not just physical comfort, but the emotional anchor I desperately needed. With her by my side, my fears were gone.

Emily – Birsbane mumma

Doula London Services

Feeling lost in a sea of pregnancy symptoms? I’m here with holistic remedies and soothing solutions. Crafting a birth plan that’s as unique as you are? Consider it done. Nervous about the transition into parenthood? I’ll be here with postnatal care and comforting baby massage techniques for both you and your partner. Together, we’ll navigate the waves of childbirth and newborn bliss. Let’s turn uncertainty into empowerment with your personal doula London.

Pregnancy doula

We all need a sister to lean on during the ups and downs of pregnancy. Someone to help ease the nausea, support us through bed rest, and ride the emotional rollercoaster right alongside us. Together, we'll talk about everything under the sun to make sure you and your family are fully prepared to welcome your precious new cherub into the world.

Birth Doula

I've got you from the first twinge to the first cry. We'll laugh, chat, and breathe deeply, while your body works its magic. I'll be your support, your guide, your own personal cheerleader, as you bring your little one earthside. Together, we'll groove to the rhythm of your labor, until your bundle of joy finally arrives. You got this! You write your own birth story!

Postpartum Doula

As you embark on this new journey, I'll be your house fairy, ill be there to guide you through the ups and downs. From the challenges of sore nipples and smelly nappies to the chaos of milk spills and tender parts, I'm here with you every step of the way. We can talk, laugh, and even cry – it's all part of the beautiful process of becoming a new parent.

You must have a lot of questions. I'm here to help

Your free, no-strings attached chit-chat session where you can ask all your questions and also learn a bit about me.

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Whether you’re expectant parents preparing to welcome your baby into the world or a doula looking for information to expand your knowledge, this blog will guide you along your journey.

As a certified birth doula and nurse, Bere’s mission is to ensure that women have the support they need in order to have a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

She is passionate about helping women have the birth they have always dreamed of without fear. Her hope is that through this blog, she will empower women, families, and follow labor and birth doulas worldwide to make informed decisions to have a beautiful, positive experience.

She encourages her readers to join her on this journey and loves connecting with them and hearing their stories!

3 stages of labour

It's 100% normal to feel anxious and unprepared

Whether this is your first or fifth bundle of joy, doubt is only human. Each birth in London brings its own whirlwind of emotions and challenges. Even the best-laid plans can sometimes feel like they’re slipping away. With a birth and postpartum doula by your side, studies show you’re more likely to:

Frequently asked Doula questions

All the answers you could ever want from your doula London

A doula in London offers holistic birth and postnatal support, providing emotional and practical assistance during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period.

They’re there to nurture and empower you throughout your birthing journey, helping you navigate this transformative experience with continuous care.

A postnatal doula is a tremendous support during the challenging fourth trimester. They provide evidence-based information, emotional and practical support, including guidance on breastfeeding, baby massage, and relaxation techniques.

Some doulas even offer overnight support so you and your partner can get your much needed sleep in those early weeks.

They’re there to ensure you have the best possible experience as you adapt to life with your newborn in London.

Absolutely not! A doula’s role extends beyond the birthing setting. Whether you’re giving birth at home or in a hospital, a doula in London is there to provide support across various London boroughs.

Their focus is on helping you feel comfortable, empowered, and informed throughout your birth experience, regardless of the location you choose.

Antenatal classes are informative, but a doula’s support goes beyond that. They offer personalised, evidence-based guidance that’s tailored to your unique needs.

A doula in London can help you navigate birth stories, comfort measures, and relaxation techniques, ensuring you’re fully prepared for childbirth and parenthood.

Contacting me is easy. Whether you’re in Chelsea, Barnes, or any other London borough, you can reach out via WhatsApp, email or book a free 15-minute consult at a time that suits you.

I understand that choosing a doula is an important decision, and I’m  here to answer all your questions, provide information and support, and help you realise the best possible birth experience for you and your baby.