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Monica DeCarlo

Well, hello, My name is Monica DeCarlo. I am an African American queer woman, and my pronouns are she and her. I have my bachelor’s in Social Work & I am in a master’s program studying Marriage and Family therapy, focusing on sex and trauma.
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Monica's story

I became a doula in April of 2023. In my practice, I also offer spiritual services such as readings and energy healing to support your journey.

My approach focuses on advocacy, knowledge, and autonomy. I always say I’m not here to make any decisions for you. My goal is to support you in making decisions that feel autonomous in your family and in having the decisions that were previously made honored if they still think aligned. My ultimate goal is that you and the baby are safe and you have joyful memories when you reflect on your birth.

I would love to chat with you to see if we are a good fit and support you in your journey as much as possible!
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At Blissful Births, we carefully vet, interview, and verify all of the doulas in our network so that you’re covered and are in safe hands.

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A doula with insurance means they're prepared, offering extra security and peace of mind for your family's special journey.

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CPR-trained doulas bring added safety, ready to act if needed, making your baby's arrival safer and less worrisome.

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First Aid savvy doulas can handle little bumps or surprises, ensuring a smoother, more secure experience for you and baby.​

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Mumma A
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I absolutely love Monica!

I am so grateful to have her in my life. Being a first-time mom is stressful, but she keeps me grounded.

The support she gave me through my birth was amazing, especially when I felt defeated. Monica made sure I knew that each step to bringing my son earthside was my decision, no matter what the doctor said.

We have built an everlasting relationship that I will cherish. To this day, she checks in and comes to visit!
Mumma B
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It was a pleasure working with Monica.

She was knowledgeable and took the time to get to know me. She helped me finetune my birth plan.

More so, she supported me when things didn't go as planned. I wanted an unmedicated natural birth, but being induced changed my mind.

Overall, Monica is good-spirited, informed, & respectful. Having her present at my birth, in addition to my husband, made a difference for me.
Mumma Z
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Monica was very supportive in supporting my physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual needs throughout the prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. She not only was supportive of me, but she was also very interactive and supportive with my family who were present during delivery. She did not leave my side during the moment I started to hemorrhage, and the baby needed immediate care, remaining calm and staying present for me, never leaving my side. She sent additional resources to me and engaged in support in every aspect.

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A bit more about Monica’s doula services

I go with the flow. My goal is that you have a safe, autonomous, and enjoyable birth. I often play off energy.

I make sure that you know your options and have time to make decisions that feel good for you and your family, and we go from there.

I don’t steer towards one way or the other with birth.

I feel that you should have the birth that feels the most aligned for you and safest for you, and whatever that looks like is what we will focus on.

I also enjoy incorporating breathwork, Reiki, and other holistic elements in labor and birth because, to me, birth is a spiritual experience.
I like to tell people that I remembered a childhood dream of mine.

When I was younger, I was obsessed with birth.

I mean, watching birthing videos for hours with my mom at three years old, type obsessed.

I remember when my little cousin was born, and from there, I knew I wanted to catch babies.

As I said, it was a remembered dream because so many paths led me to other careers, but once I remembered, I started watching birth videos again and learning about birth.

I pondered how I could help, lean into a space I had only dreamed of, hold space, and advocate for safe and autonomous birthing, and research led me into doula care.
I go on call at 37 weeks.

At that point, you can call me day or night, and if you need me, I make myself available.

It is more than okay to call me in the middle of the night if you are in labor.

My volume is at the highest capacity for that exact reason.

You should contact me via phone when you feel contractions are getting sharper and/or closer together and when and if you are heading to the hospital.

The meet-up time depends on whether you have a high or low-risk pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is low risk and you are laboring at home as long as possible, I would most likely meet you at home to do comfort measures and support you in bringing the baby down.

If you are high-risk and need to go to the hospital as soon as labor starts, I would meet you at the hospital.
I work with the birthing person’s partner by involving them in the laboring process as much as they want to be involved.

So, if we are taking comfort measures, I teach the partner how to do them so we can practice, and the partners usually help support the oxytocin hormone, which we want in labor.

I include them in conversations and decision-making, and I check in on their well-being during labor because some partners feel overwhelmed. I make sure that partners are included in the labor and delivery.
I usually stay for around one to two hours after birth. Prioritizing that golden hour and then staying past it depends on the family.

Did you know that doulas can decrease your chances of unwanted C-section by 52.9%?​