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The path to motherhood is full of unknowns, and managing the twists and turns can be daunting. When it comes to birth, unpredictability is the only certainty. It’s natural to wonder if the doula you choose will be equipped to handle the unexpected, to stand by you steadfastly when the birth plan veers off course.

The right doula isn’t a luxury; they’re a necessity. With one of our Melbourne doulas, you’re not rolling the dice on experience; you’re securing an advocate well-versed in the nuances of childbirth. It’s about having someone by your side who’s turned many ‘what-ifs’ into ‘what’s next’ with grace and confidence.

Choosing a doula from Blissful Births means you get more than support—you gain a partnership with a seasoned expert who’s as invested in your birth story as you are. They bring a calm head and a warm heart to your birthing space, ensuring your experience is not only supported but celebrated. A doula by your side every step of the way.


Pregnancy Doula

A sister to be by your side to help you get through nausea, the never-ending bed rest and the emotional roller coaster.

Birth Doula

When the time comes, they’ll be by your side from the first contraction until you’re holding your little one in your arms.

Postpartum Doula

Through smiles and tears, from sore nipples, stinky nappies, and milk disasters, they’ll be right there with you.

Hear from other mums who found their perfect doula

Sophie Green
Read More
So glad I found Jenny, she's incredible! Made everything feel less scary, she just knew what I needed, when I needed it.
Megan Lloyd
Read More
I was really stressing to find a good doula, then I found Sarah. She was like a breath of fresh air, knew her stuff, made the birth experience what it was meant to be.
Rachel Stevens
Read More
Looking for the right person to be there was tough. Met Lisa through a friend and wow, what a difference.
Lucy O'Neill
Read More
Never thought I'd find someone who'd get me like Maria did. From our first chat, she was a friend. Helped so much with my anxiety about the birth.
Fiona Bryant
Read More
I was after someone professional but warm, then I met Emma. She was all that and more. My pregnancy and birthing wouldn’t have been the same without her.
Natalie Ford
Read More
Met my doula Kate and honestly, she’s been my rock. Not the best at all this birth stuff but she was patient and so reassuring. Felt like I had a friend with me the whole way.

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Confidence comes with knowing our Melbourne doulas are thoroughly vetted. Each one has passed extensive background checks and interviews, hand-selected by our dedicated team for your peace of mind.

Mia Sutton
Danielle Price
Elise Morton

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Wave goodbye to the long, uncertain search for a doula. We connect you with your perfect doula match in minutes, not days, saving you over 20 hours of searching and vetting.

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Each doula on Blissful Births is thoroughly vetted, ensuring you have access to trustworthy, highly recommended professionals. It's not just about finding a doula; it's about finding someone who aligns with your birth vision.

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Safety comes first. That's why every doula in our network has passed a police check and a detailed personal interview. We make sure that the person you invite into your birthing journey is fully vetted, giving you peace of mind.

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We take no commissions — the payments are strictly between you and your chosen doula. This clarity ensures that the focus remains on your care, without financial surprises.

The panic was real till I met Zoe. She wasn’t just about the birth; she helped with everything. Felt like she became part of the family.

Diana Moss

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No two mums’ journeys are the same, so we’ve simplified finding a doula in Melbourne. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll pair you with a doula who’s just the right fit. Forget about the back-and-forth; our focus is on fostering a personal bond, introducing you to a doula eager to support you and your family on this incredible path.




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Frequently asked Doula questions​

Everything you need to know before hiring a doula Melbourne

A doula provides continuous support throughout your labour and birth.

They’re there to offer physical and emotional reassurance, whether that’s holding your hand, coaching your breathing, or suggesting positions that can ease discomfort.

A Melbourne birth doula knows the local maternity care landscape well and can help you navigate your options.

They’re passionate about supporting your birth preferences and empowering you to have the kind of birth experience you desire.

While both doulas and midwives play crucial roles in childbirth, their responsibilities differ.

A midwife provides medical care throughout your pregnancy, labour, and postnatal period.

In contrast, a doula offers non-medical support, focusing on emotional and physical comfort, and helping you understand your birth choices.

Doulas complement the clinical care provided by midwives and doctors, ensuring you have holistic support every step of the way.

The best time to hire a doula is typically during your second trimester.

This gives you time to find a doula who aligns with your vision and build a relationship with them.

Early engagement ensures they’re available for your due date and can provide support throughout the later stages of your pregnancy.

If there’s a doula that you have had your eye on for a while, it’s a good idea to reach out earlier rather than later because they can get booked up fast.

In Melbourne, doulas offer a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets.

These can include prenatal visits, on-call support, labour and birth attendance, and postnatal follow-ups.

Some support packages also offer additional services like childbirth education and breastfeeding support.

Be sure to ask each doula about the specifics of their packages to find the one that complements your birth plan and preferences.

A doula is a non-medical member of your birth support team who works alongside other care providers to give you the best support.

They provide emotional and physical assistance and help you understand the birth process.

While they don’t replace medical professionals such as midwives, they’re an integral part of the team, ensuring your birthing goals are respected and supported.

Yes, many doulas in those servicing the eastern suburbs are experienced in home births.

They can support and guide you through the pregnancy and birth process, offering education and comfort measures in your chosen birth space at home.

They’re a valuable part of your birth team, providing continuous non-medical support throughout your labour.

Doulas are flexible and can assist you whether you choose to give birth in a hospital, birth centre, or at home.

They’re knowledgeable about the different settings and can help create a peaceful birth space wherever you are.

A Melbourne birth doula will support and educate you on the options available in birth centres and what might best suit your needs.

A doula supports whatever pain management decisions you make, whether it’s an epidural or other non-medical pain relief methods.

They can provide information to help you make informed decisions about pain relief options and will be there to offer physical and emotional support throughout the administration process and after.

A doula can be an essential part of your support team whether you choose vaginal birth, planned or even emergency caesarean.

They can provide emotional reassurance, explain the procedure, help create a calm environment, and support your postnatal recovery.

Their role is to support and guide you, ensuring your experience of birth is positive, regardless of how your baby is born.

Many doulas provide childbirth education as part of their support services, helping you and your partner prepare for labour and birth.

This education can be delivered through private sessions or workshops and is tailored to your needs and birthing goals.


Part of a doula’s role is to help you understand your birth choices and to assist in creating a birth plan that reflects your wishes.

They can offer insights into various aspects of labour and birth, including pain relief, labour support, and postpartum care.

Doulas often offer postpartum support packages that provide assistance once your baby arrives.

This can include help with newborn care, breastfeeding, and adjusting to parenthood.

They’re passionate about supporting new mums and families during this time and can tailor their services to your needs.

You can start by searching for doulas in Melbourne through local directories like Blissful Births, or by asking for testimonials and referrals from friends or family.

Many doulas also have websites that outline their service areas, experience, and the range of packages they offer.

It’s also worth checking out local doula networks and birth education centres.