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Hey momma-to-be, you’ve certainly navigated your share of pregnancy’s twists and turns. From morning sickness to the flood of emotions and the ever-drawing attention to your blossoming belly. Amid the thrill of anticipation and prep, there’s a whisper of apprehension, a slight uncertainty about the birth that’s drawing closer.

You’ve found the perfect birthing ball for labour and researched every breast pump under the sun, and the best baby carriers for newborns. But there’s still a hint of worry about labour and stepping into motherhood. Not to mention, the daunting task of finding the right birth support in Philadelphia.

That’s why we’ve hand-picked the best doulas Doulas Philadelphia for you. Every member of our team is a certified expert in childbirth, ready to provide the encouragement and support you deserve. Our doulas are dedicated to empowering your journey into motherhood with confidence.

Pregnancy Doula

A sister to be by your side to help you get through nausea, the never-ending bed rest and the emotional roller coaster.

Birth Doula

When the time comes, they’ll be by your side from the first contraction until you’re holding your little one in your arms.

Postpartum Doula

Through smiles and tears, from sore nipples, stinky nappies, and milk disasters, they’ll be right there with you.

Hear from other mums who found their perfect doula

Sophie Green
Read More
So glad I found Jenny, she's incredible! Made everything feel less scary, she just knew what I needed, when I needed it.
Megan Lloyd
Read More
I was really stressing to find a good doula, then I found Sarah. She was like a breath of fresh air, knew her stuff, made the birth experience what it was meant to be.
Rachel Stevens
Read More
Looking for the right person to be there was tough. Met Lisa through a friend and wow, what a difference.
Lucy O'Neill
Read More
Never thought I'd find someone who'd get me like Maria did. From our first chat, she was a friend. Helped so much with my anxiety about the birth.
Fiona Bryant
Read More
I was after someone professional but warm, then I met Emma. She was all that and more. My pregnancy and birthing wouldn’t have been the same without her.
Natalie Ford
Read More
Met my doula Kate and honestly, she’s been my rock. Not the best at all this birth stuff but she was patient and so reassuring. Felt like I had a friend with me the whole way.

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Chloe Patterson
Danielle Price

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Safety comes first. That's why every doula in our network has passed a police check and a detailed personal interview. We make sure that the person you invite into your birthing journey is fully vetted, giving you peace of mind.

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The panic was real till I met Zoe. She wasn’t just about the birth; she helped with everything. Felt like she became part of the family.

Diana Moss

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Every mum’s journey to motherhood is wonderfully unique. That’s why we’ve crafted the process of finding your Philadelphia doula to be as personal and easy as catching up with a friend. Just let us know what you’re looking for through our simple form, and we’ll thoughtfully match you with a doula who’s a perfect fit. Forget the hassle of scheduling – we’re all about the personal touch, introducing you to a doula who’s eager to support you and your family on this incredible journey.




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Frequently asked Doula questions​

Everything you need to know before hiring a doula Philadelphia

Daytime postpartum care typically focuses on offering support when you’re awake and active.

It can include help with baby care, breastfeeding, and managing household tasks, as well as providing you with a chance to shower, eat, or simply have a moment to yourself.

Overnight care, on the other hand, is when the doula takes charge of the baby’s needs during the night, allowing you to get a solid block of sleep.

This can be a lifeline, especially during those first few weeks when you’re exhausted and still recovering from birth.

To decide which type of care will suit your needs best, consider your own recovery, your baby’s sleep patterns, and the level of support you have during the day compared to the night.

In the Philadelphia area, many doula services offer both daytime and overnight care as part of their postpartum support packages, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your family’s unique situation.

Considering the financial aspect is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle; it’s about seeing the bigger picture. Postpartum doula services in the Greater Philadelphia area are an investment in your wellbeing during a time of significant change.

The support a doula provides – from newborn care to helping you get some sleep – can be invaluable. They bring knowledge, reassurance, and an extra pair of hands just when you need them most.

When you weigh the expense against the benefits, also consider how a doula can offer evidence-based advice and emotional support that helps you thrive, not just survive, in those first weeks with your baby. 

Birth can be unpredictable, and a certified birth doula brings the map and compass – they’re well-versed in the twists and turns.

They’re a constant presence amid the hustle and bustle of a hospital birth or the quiet intensity of a home birth, offering physical and emotional support tailored to your needs.

Many parents in Philly and South Jersey report that their doulas made a significant difference, not just in comfort levels but in feeling empowered and informed throughout their birth journey.

It’s that sense of confidence and calm that can profoundly shape your memories of bringing your little one into the world.

Certified doulas are trained to support your birth choices, regardless of how they may differ from typical practices.

They focus on ensuring your needs and preferences are respected.

It is a doula’s responsibility to advocate for your birth plan and to help facilitate communication with medical staff to ensure that your wishes are considered.

When choosing a doula in the Philly area, make sure they are someone who respects your choices and is committed to supporting you in the way you envision.

Respecting a birthing person’s privacy is a key part of a doula’s role.

Doulas are sensitive to the needs of their clients and should always discuss boundaries ahead of time to ensure you feel secure and your privacy is respected.

It’s important to communicate your comfort level with a potential doula during the selection process to ensure they are a good fit for you.

To find a doula that will understand and support your specific needs, clear communication is key. Look for a doula who takes the time to listen to your concerns and provides tailored support.

Many doulas offer a free initial consultation, which can be a valuable opportunity for you to assess whether they are the right match for you.

It may also help to ask for testimonials or references from past clients in the Philadelphia area to better understand their approach.

Professional doulas understand the importance of working collaboratively with all members of your birth team, including your partner and family.

During initial meetings, it’s worthwhile to discuss how they would involve your loved ones in the process.

The right doula will strive to ensure everyone’s comfort and will typically have strategies in place to foster a positive and cooperative environment.

A certified birth doula brings a unique blend of emotional, educational, and physical support that complements the roles of your loved ones and medical professionals like midwives.

Think of them as specialists in the birth experience whose primary focus is your comfort and empowerment.

In the Philadelphia area, doulas often work closely with midwifery teams to provide a cohesive support network.

This can be especially valuable if you’re looking to have a hospital birth but want the continuous one-on-one support that a doula offers.

Postpartum doula services are all about supporting you and your baby’s transition into this new phase of life.

In the greater Philadelphia area, for example, trained postpartum doulas offer newborn care expertise, aid with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and provide guidance on baby’s sleep patterns.

They also offer emotional support to help you navigate the highs and lows of early parenthood.

Their presence can be particularly reassuring overnight when you’re trying to get some sleep but want to ensure your baby is well looked after.

Many doulas focus on evidence-based practices and stay informed through continuous education on the latest research in childbirth and postpartum care.

When looking for a doula, it’s important to enquire about their qualifications and the type of training they have received.

Doulas associated with well-recognized organizations like DONA International adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice that are based on the most current evidence.

To ensure your doula’s availability for your labour, it’s vital to discuss their on-call policy before you agree to work together.

Most doulas will be on call 24/7 during a window around your due date, often starting a couple of weeks before and continuing until you give birth.

Find out if they have a backup doula in case of illness or if they’re already attending another birth.

Reputable doulas in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas are typically part of a network, like the Philly Doula Co-op, where there will always be someone available to support you, ensuring that you’re not left without the necessary support when your baby decides it’s time to arrive.

Yes, while Philadelphia is one of our key locations, we collaborate with doulas in several other major cities globally.

In the USA, aside from Philadelphia, you can find our partnered doulas in NYC, Boston, and Detroit.

In Australia, our network includes doulas in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Melbourne.

Over in the UK, we have birth and postpartum doulas in London, Brighton, Gloucestershire, Manchester, and Liverpool.

We also extend our services to Bali, Southeast Asia.

Our network is continuously expanding to include more locations each month.

If your area isn’t listed, please reach out to us.

We are dedicated to finding a doula near you, ensuring that wherever you are, you receive the support that you deserve during such a huge llife transition.