11+ best baby shower gifts for mom-to-be: The ultimate list

Best baby shower gifts for mom
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We all know that a baby shower is the ultimate shindig to honour the glowing mom-to-be and sprinkle her with love and gifts.

But finding that perfect baby shower gift can be more challenging than figuring out diaper origami. 

We’re here to save the day with the ultimate list of the 11+ best baby shower gifts for mom-to-be.

We’ve scoured the many items of practicality and indulgence to curate a collection that will have her feeling loved, pampered and supported. 

So let’s dive into this world of baby shower goodness. 

It’s time to find the perfect baby shower gifts for mom that’ll make her day! 

#1 – Pregnancy pillow

These fluffy marvels are not your average pillows, oh no! 

They are the secret weapon against the discomforts of pregnancy, offering a sanctuary of support for tired and achy bodies.

These can also double up as a nursing pillow, providing heavenly comfort even after the little bundle of joy arrives. 

It’s like giving two gifts in one! 

momcozy pillow

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow

Starting with the Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow – A true game-changer for expectant moms. 

The cover is made of velvet and the pillow itself is designed ergonomically, this full body pillow offers a blissful embrace that covers you from head to toe. 

It has been a lifesaver for many of my mummas during their pregnancies, providing relief from back soreness, hip pain, and swollen legs. 

The premium polyester filling makes the pillow soft but supportive.

The best part is, this versatile pillow isn’t limited to pregnancy alone. 

Whether she is nursing, reading, or simply looking for cosy relaxation, the Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow is easily adaptable.

adjustable pillow

Bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow

Next on our list is the Bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow.

This beautiful pillow is made by moms for moms. 

It provides adjustable and comfortable support through pregnancy and beyond. 

It’s designed to be adjustable to suit your preferred shape and firmness.

It’s made with high-quality materials, including pressure-relieving micro-beads and a soft cotton-spandex jersey cover. 

Giving this pillow as a baby shower gift for mom will guarantee her restful sleep and optimum relaxation.

It even comes with a travel bag, which makes it an ideal companion for active moms on the move.

c-shaped pillow

Pharmedoc C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Last but certainly not least, we have the Pharamdoc C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow just like the ones above, offers much-needed comfort and support. 

It helps relieve pressure on the back, hips, and belly. 

The unique c-shaped design provides full-body support, allowing mom-to-be to get restful sleep before the little one arrives. 

The pillow’s breathable cover adds an extra layer of luxury, and it’s even removable, making it easy to keep clean.

However, it’s worth noting that the size of the pillow may be a bit bulky for some bed spaces. 

Despite this minor drawback, the Pharmadoc C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is another great option on our list.

The gift of a pregnancy pillow will offer the mom-to-be the support she needs to get a good night’s sleep to prepare for the little one’s arrival. 

#2 – Postpartum garments 

Next up on our list of best baby shower gifts for mom – postpartum garments. 

This’ll help her prepare for what to wear on the sleepless nights and inside days bonding with her baby. 

From belly bands and sneaky nursing tees to comfy lounge sets, let’s get into it.

belly bandit tee

Belly Bandit Nursing Tee

The Belly Bandit Nursing Tee is one of those discreet tees that help you breastfeed your baby no matter where you are without giving people a show. 

This stylish tee is not only flattering and comfortable but also offers easy access for those impromptu nursing moments. 

The Bally Bandit Nursing Tee will become her go-to, empowering her to conquer every feeding session with grace and style. 

GoEge Postpartum Belly Wrap

The GoEge Postpartum Belly Wrap is designed to provide support and help moms recover after childbirth. 

This belly wrap is made from high-quality, breathable, and elastic fabric that comfortably hugs the waist and abdomen, offering gentle compression and shaping benefits. 

It helps to provide stability to the core muscles, reduce swelling, and promote healing. 

The adjustable closure allows for a customised fit as the body gradually changes after birth. 

The GoEge Postpartum Belly Wrap is also discreet and can be worn under clothing, allowing moms to go about their daily activities with ease. 

Whether she has a vaginal birth or a C-section, this belly wrap is a valuable tool to aid in her postpartum recovery journey.  


Rubzoof Short Sleeve Pyjama Set

Last but not least, the Rubzoof Short Sleeve Pyjama Set — one of many comfy sets out there. 

We all know that feeling of waking up in the morning from a sleepless night and just wanting to be in comfy clothes. 

Made with light and breathable fabric, this set can be worn in every climate

These soft pyjamas will make her feel like she’s on cloud nine, and they’re perfect for those late-night snuggles and early-morning feeds. 

#3 – Breastfeeding and nipple care items

Keep those milk makers in top-notch condition with creams, pads, and shields.

If mom-to-be is opting in for breastfeeding this is one of the best baby shower presents for mom to support her on her journey. 

We all know how sore and sensitive a mumma’s breasts can get when breastfeeding. 

Her ta-tas deserve the best care possible to make feeding her baby as easy as possible.

Let’s have a look at the treasure trove of breastfeeding and nipple care items that’ll support mumma to give her baby all the good stuff without the pain and discomfort.


Lansinoh TheraPearl Therapy Pack

First up, we have the Lansinoh TheraPearl Therapy Pack

These little wonders are the perfect-sized ice and heat packs for sore breasts, offering soothing relief to those hardworking mummas. 

Trust us, these soothing therapy packs are a true breast friend! 

They are reusable and easy to clean so that she can be sure to keep any nasty germs away from her bub. 

They can be used right through to the end, and when she chooses to wean, she can use them to prevent any clogged ducts. 

Those can be a real pain in the boobies.

bamboo nursing pads

Keababies Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

A must-have in any postpartum kit is the Keababies Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads, they’ll save her day (and her shirts). 

These soft and absorbent pads will keep leaks at bay and ensure mumma stays dry and confident on her breastfeeding adventures. 

They’re also reusable and easy to clean so she doesn’t have to worry about them running out and having to get more. 

That’s one thing to check off her list.

momcozy breast massage

The Momcozy Lactation Massager

Another one on the list of best baby shower gifts for mom – The Momcozy Lactation Massager.

This little vibrating wonder is like a spa day for her boobs, helping with milk flow, engorgement, and the dreaded and painful clogged mammary glands. 

Not only does it vibrate to help stimulate milk production and dislodge clogged mammary glands, but it also heats up to provide much-needed relief for sore boobies.

earth mumma nipple cream

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

The Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter is a true saviour for those sensitive nipples, providing much-needed nourishment and relief. 

Made with certified organic ingredients, this buttery balm is gentle and safe for both mom and baby. 

It soothes and moisturizes cracked, dry, and sore nipples, allowing for a more comfortable breastfeeding experience. 

The organic herbal ingredients work their magic, promoting healing and preventing further irritation.

Plus, the butter’s non-sticky texture makes application a breeze.

It’s a must-have for any breastfeeding mom seeking soothing relief and peace of mind. 

Her nipples will thank you!

tiny human nipple cream

Tiny Human Supply Co. Organic Nipple Therapy

Another one that I have found super popular amongst my mummas is the Tiny Human Supply Co. Organic Nipple Therapy. 

This soothing butter is much the same as the one previously mentioned, it’s made with organic and natural ingredients, giving mom peace of mind while nourishing your sensitive nipples. 

The organic formulation is free from harsh chemicals and additives, making it safe for both her and her baby. 

The butter’s rich and creamy texture provides instant relief and hydration, soothing cracked and sore nipples. 

With its gentle yet effective formula, the Tiny Human Supply Co. Organic Nipple Therapy helps promote healing and restores comfort during breastfeeding. 

The difference between the two is really up to you – and if you can’t choose why not give her both, and let her decide which one is the right one for her?

Either way, Mom will be thanking you for the soothing support during her breastfeeding journey.

#4 – Self-care kit

We know that pregnancy can be quite the wild ride, filled with both excitement and a touch of chaos.

That’s why our next gift recommendation is a delightful pamper kit, designed to spoil the mom-to-be rotten.

self care kit

Liberte + Me Luxury Pamper Gift Set

First up in this heavenly ensemble is the Liberte + Me Luxury Pamper Gift Set

An assortment of bath bombs, scented candles, and body scrubs will transport her to a realm of relaxation. 

She’ll be able to relax and prepare for motherhood without leaving the comfort of her own bathroom.

burts bees

Burts Bees Gift Set

The Burts Bees Gift Set is also one that I had to put on the list of best baby shower gifts for mom. 

This gift set is perfect to keep her skin feeling oh-so-smooth and nourished. 

With its luxurious lotions, lip balms, and belly butters, she’ll be glowing like a goddess in no time.

Not to mention, her partner can step up and use these to give her a well-deserved foot and leg massage.

Earth Mama Tea Assortment (Third-Trimester tea, Peaceful Mama tea, and Milkmaid tea)

If mom-to-be is a tea lover then this set is for her! 

Earth Mama is an organic product brand offering herbal tea that is specially formulated for mummas throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. 

This tea assortment consists of three teas that I hand-picked to support mom-to-be during her last trimester, and into her breastfeeding times. 

It includes the Third Trimester tea, the Milkmaid tea, and the Peaceful Mama tea. 

These teas are the perfect elixirs to help her unwind and assist her with her breastfeeding – something that quite a few women find difficult even if they’re not first-time mummas.

She’ll thank you for giving her the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation during this transformative journey.

food delivery gift card
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#5 – Food delivery gift card

Treat her taste buds to a month of pure bliss with a food delivery subscription.

There’s no better feeling after a long day than being able to put your feet up and let someone else do the cooking. 

This gift is a lifesaver for the mom-to-be, allowing her to indulge in hassle-free meals delivered straight to her doorstep. 

No more meal planning or grocery shopping stress, she can sit back, relax, and savour those precious newborn cuddles. 

It’s as easy, just choose the food delivery services that you think she’ll love. 

And if in doubt, why not split it between two? 

Some that offer gift cards are:

  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub
  • Olive Garden
  • DoorDash

There’s an option to suit every palate. 

Simply select the desired gift card, apply the chosen amount, and voila!

The gift will be delivered straight to her email, ready for her to use when she needs it. 

And hey, if you’re feeling extra generous or prefer to show off your cooking skills, you can always offer to whip up some scrumptious meals yourself. 

Whatever you choose, giving the gift of food is the perfect way to nourish the mom-to-be and give her the gift of stress-free dining. 

It’s a win-win for both her taste buds and her tired feet. 

This is one of the best baby shower gifts for mom that will earn you a special place in her heart (and her stomach).

I know that it’s definitely the way to my heart!

baby sitter
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#6 – Paying for a Babysitter

I know, the last thing you think she’d want to do is leave her baby with a stranger but she doesn’t know how much she needs a break, even just for a few hours. 

Paying for a few babysitting sessions or even coming over and offering yourself, takes an immense amount of pressure off both mom and partner. 

Whether they just want to take an uninterrupted nap or go out for a dinner just them, they’ll thank you for it. 

Something that seems so small can make a world of difference when you’re on call 24/7. 

You’ve earned it, Mama!

Now, how to present this gift? 

You can make some makeshift coupons and give them to her whenever she needs some help. 

Or you can find someone on one of the many agency websites that prescreen the candidates to make sure they’re safe and experienced. 

after birth help
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#7 – Hire a postpartum doula

Hiring a postpartum doula is not your average run-of-the-mill gift. 

It’s really the gift that keeps giving.

A postpartum doula is like a superhero in disguise, swooping in to offer unparalleled support for the mom, partner, and precious baby. 

They’re armed with an arsenal of knowledge and expertise that can help ease the transition into parenthood.

Some postpartum doulas even offer overnight care, allowing tired moms to catch some much-needed beauty sleep while the doula tends to the baby. 

It’s like having a night nanny who knows all the baby-soothing tricks in the book.

The prices range depending on the services that you think she might need. 

There are also doulas that help during birth and labour so if you’re looking for the ultimate gift for the mom-to-be, and you’re not afraid to spend some money, this is a great option.

Or you could even talk to some of her friends and family and all chip in together to hire a doula.

Start by setting up a free 15-minute consult to see if the mom and doula are a good fit.

#8 – Baby journal

Help her document all the adorable moments and milestones with a beautiful baby journal. 

allowing her to freeze time and capture the magic of those precious baby days. 

With a baby journal in hand, she can jot down those heart-melting first words, chubby little footprints, and hilarious poop explosion stories that will bring giggles for years to come.

Ziri & Zane

Ziri & Zane Keepsake Baby Memory Book 

One fantastic option is the Ziri & Zane Keepsake Baby Memory Book

It’s a journal that’s as delightful as a baby’s giggle, with its whimsical illustrations and spaces to fill with all those unforgettable memories. 

With this journal, she can create a time capsule of her baby’s journey from day one, cherishing every smile, every milestone, and every adorable hiccup.

Two little dinos

Two Little Dinos Baby Memory Book

For the modern minimalist mom-to-be, the Two Little Dinos Baby Memory Book is a perfect fit. 

Its clean and sleek design is like a breath of fresh air, allowing her to capture the essence of her baby’s story with simplicity and style. 

This journal beautifully balances minimalism and heartfelt storytelling, making it a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Promtly journal

Promptly Journals Complete Childhood History Journal

If she’s looking for a comprehensive journal that covers it all, the Promptly Journals Complete Childhood History Journal is a top-notch choice. 

It’s a treasure trove of prompts and spaces to document not just the baby years but the entire childhood journey.

From pregnancy memories to school milestones, this journal is an all-in-one package.

And there are so many beautiful colours to choose from.

So, pick a baby journal that speaks to her heart and reminds her of the incredible journey she’s about to embark on. 

It’s a gift that will accompany her and her little one through the years, preserving the moments that are too precious to forget. 

Let her unleash her inner storyteller and create a tale of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Time to find the perfect gift

Armed with our ultimate list of 11 best baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be, you’re ready to hit the gift-giving jackpot. 

Whether you opt for the practical essentials that will save her sanity or the luxurious treats that will make her feel like a queen, I’m sure she’ll love it no matter what.

One thing is for certain: your thoughtful gesture will make her heart burst with joy. 

So go ahead, and choose the perfect gift that will leave her forever grateful and basking in the glow of motherhood. 

And remember, you’re not just giving her a gift, you’re giving her the confidence and support she needs on this incredible journey.

Bere Horthy

As a doula and nurse, Bere's mission is to empower and educate women, families, and fellow doulas to make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.


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