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Dear Passionate Doula or Midwife,

Do you ever find yourself in a quiet spell, wondering when the next call from an expectant mum will come? Some months, it may feel like your passion is just a hobby rather than the real, impactful business you dream of. The unpredictable flow of clients can make even the most devoted doula or midwife question their path.

You entered this field to support mums and families, not to get lost in the never-ending cycle of trying to attract clients. The feast or famine nature of the work can be disheartening, and it’s hard to feel like a professional when you’re chasing leads instead of providing care.

That’s why Blissful Births was created. With our unique service designed specifically for Doulas and Midwives, we’ll help you connect with more clients and mums-to-be, all without you having to dive into digital marketing yourself.

Together, let’s nurture your business to grow just as you nurture the families you support. It’s time to move beyond the hobby stage and step into a reality where your doula business is as reliable as the care you provide.

Why Doulas are joining Blissful Births

Save $1,000s on Marketing Costs

No website? No problem. With Blissful Births, your profile is all you need. Consider us your primary marketing channel, where families find you easily, without the hassle or expense of managing your own site. We spotlight your services, so you can focus on what you do best – supporting births and new life.

Quality Connections, Not Just Leads

Blissful Births isn’t just about quantity; we focus on the quality of connections. Our targeted directory is a beacon for generating premium leads, offering exclusive, low-competition listings – only 3 doulas per area.

Guaranteed Visibility, Fair Opportunity

Each doula enjoys equal spotlight and opportunity. With no hidden costs, you gain access to a pool of potential clients eager for your services. Our platform ensures you’re seen and celebrated.

Community & Professional Growth

Join a network of professionals in a community that’s set to expand. Here, support and growth go hand in hand (coming soon). Benefit from shared wisdom, fostering both your personal and professional development.

Cost-Effective Advertising, Maximum Impact

Forget the complexity of CPM or CPC models. Our platform provides a more effective way to reach out, enhancing your professional image without the hefty price tag of traditional advertising.

Hear from other doulas that tried the Blissful Births experience

Sophie Reynolds
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Every doula needs Blissful Births. It's not just a client finder; it's a community that uplifts and supports your growth.
Grace Chapman
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As a new doula, Blissful Births guided me to the right clients. Grateful for a platform that finally gets me.
Laura Simmons
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Blissful Births is a lifeline! It took the stress out of finding clients, letting me focus on what I love – helping mothers bring new life into the world.
Isabella Clarke
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Thanks to Blissful Births, I’m empowered to support more families. It feels great to be part of such a meaningful journey with them.
Hannah Brooks
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This platform is a godsend. It's so much easier to focus on my clients when I’m not worried about where the next one is coming from.
Mia Thompson
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Blissful Births is the partner every doula needs. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s the quality of connections that stands out.

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Step 2 — Interview and verification

Upon approval, we’ll invite you for a virtual meet-up to discuss your practice and ensure our values align. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know you better. Following a positive chat, we’ll carry out thorough background checks to ensure safety and trust for the families you’ll support.

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Step 3 — Attract more clients 24/7

With the formalities complete and your background check clear, you’ll officially become a Blissful Births member. For a nominal fee of $19.99 USD per month, you’ll be prominently featured on our platform. You’ll be one of an exclusive trio of doulas in your local area, gaining exposure to mums-to-be who are eagerly searching for your expertise. We’ll manage your dedicated profile page so you can focus on new clients.

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Doulas are making 47% more every month on Blissful Births

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Join the Blissful Births family for just $19.99 USD per month. That’s a total saving of $470 per month compared to traditional advertising.

Here’s what’s included…

All prices in USD.

On average, doulas enjoy a stream of steady leads valued at $1,000 – $5,000 per month, helping them to potentially fill their schedules and earn more consistently. Our simple fee structure ensures you know exactly what you’re investing in — your thriving doula practice.