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Choosing a doula in NYC can be stressful. Preparing for childbirth is daunting enough, especially with the worry of going it alone. We find a doula in NYC for you so you can focus on yourself. With a NYC doula by your side, you can have the birth you envisioned.

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Becoming a mum is a big deal, and you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. You’re ticking things off your list, and yet, a niggling question remains: “Have I got all the support I need?” You’re on the search to find a Doula NYC who gets your birth plan, someone who resonates with what’s important to you.

Finding the right doula can be pretty overwhelming. You’re looking for more than just a good profile; you need someone who genuinely clicks with you. Will they back up your birth plan? Will they be your rock when you most need stability? Not having this bond can leave you feeling exposed at a time when you need to be strong.

We connect you with seasoned birth or postpartum doula NYC, dedicated to nurturing your journey into motherhood. A doula from our network is not just a helping hand; they’re a partner who’s committed to your well-being and empowerment. They bring assurance, not just for the day of birth but for the transformation that follows. Feel ready and reassured, knowing you’ve got a NYC doula with you every step of the way.

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Pregnancy Doula

A sister to be by your side to help you get through nausea, the never-ending bed rest and the emotional roller coaster.

Birth Doula

When the time comes, they’ll be by your side from the first contraction until you’re holding your little one in your arms.

Postpartum Doula

Through smiles and tears, from sore nipples, stinky nappies, and milk disasters, they’ll be right there with you.

Hear from other mums who found their perfect doula

Sophie Green
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So glad I found Jenny, she's incredible! Made everything feel less scary, she just knew what I needed, when I needed it.
Megan Lloyd
Read More
I was really stressing to find a good doula, then I found Sarah. She was like a breath of fresh air, knew her stuff, made the birth experience what it was meant to be.
Rachel Stevens
Read More
Looking for the right person to be there was tough. Met Lisa through a friend and wow, what a difference.
Lucy O'Neill
Read More
Never thought I'd find someone who'd get me like Maria did. From our first chat, she was a friend. Helped so much with my anxiety about the birth.
Fiona Bryant
Read More
I was after someone professional but warm, then I met Emma. She was all that and more. My pregnancy and birthing wouldn’t have been the same without her.
Natalie Ford
Read More
Met my doula Kate and honestly, she’s been my rock. Not the best at all this birth stuff but she was patient and so reassuring. Felt like I had a friend with me the whole way.

Choose from the Best: Top 1% Doulas in NYC

Rest easy knowing every NYC doula we connect you with has been thoroughly checked out and comes highly recommended. We make sure they’re the best at what they do, so you get the support you deserve.

Gabriella Navarro
Erin Walsh
Sienna Griffiths

Why mums trust Blissful Births to find a doula NYC?

Save Over 20+ Hours on Your Search

Wave goodbye to the long, uncertain search for a doula. We connect you with your perfect doula match in minutes, not days, saving you over 20 hours of searching and vetting.

Find Vetted Doulas with Trusted Support

Each doula on Blissful Births is thoroughly vetted, ensuring you have access to trustworthy, highly recommended professionals. It's not just about finding a doula; it's about finding someone who aligns with your birth vision.

Have Police Checks and Interviews Done For You

Safety comes first. That's why every doula in our network has passed a police check and a detailed personal interview. We make sure that the person you invite into your birthing journey is fully vetted, giving you peace of mind.

Direct Payments, No Hidden Fees

We take no commissions — the payments are strictly between you and your chosen doula. This clarity ensures that the focus remains on your care, without financial surprises.

The panic was real till I met Zoe. She wasn’t just about the birth; she helped with everything. Felt like she became part of the family.

Diana Moss

Reach out to your doula in NYC

Every mother’s path is her own, which is why our approach to connecting you with a doula in NYC is as personal as meeting up with a friend. Fill out a simple form with your preferences, and we’ll thoughtfully match you with a doula who feels right for you and your family. Skip the scheduling hassle; we handle the details to partner you with a doula who’s eager to support your unique journey into motherhood.




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Frequently asked Doula questions​

Everything you need to know before hiring a doula NYC

When you team up with a doula in NYC, you’re getting someone who’s all about you and your needs. They’re there to offer personalised support during your pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

A good NYC doula is not only experienced but also provides evidence-based information, emotional backing, and practical help. From helping you navigate early labour to providing lactation advice, they are there to ensure your birth experience and the transition to parenting feels supported every step of the way.

A birth doula is there for the main event – they’re your rock during labour, providing continuous support.

A postpartum doula supports you after your little one is here, helping with newborn care, offering breastfeeding guidance, and making sure you’re nourished and rested as you adjust to life with your new little one.

Postpartum doulas also share a bunch of handy tips on baby care, from diapering to bathing, to soothing techniques.

Experienced doulas are adept at rolling with the punches and can provide invaluable support if things don’t go as planned.

They’ll stay calm, help you understand any new developments, and continue to provide emotional and physical support.

They’re also there to facilitate communication with medical staff and ensure your voice is heard, no matter the situation.

Every birth is as unique as the person experiencing it. NYC doulas pride themselves on providing bespoke support that aligns with your individual needs and preferences.

During your initial meetings, they’ll ask about your hopes, concerns, and the vibe you’re aiming for during labour.

They’ll talk through your birth plan in detail, ensuring they know exactly how you’d like things to go and how they can best advocate for your wishes.

Postpartum doulas are all about making your first weeks with your newborn as smooth and joyful as possible.

They’re there to support you with infant care, offer tips on feeding and sleep routines, and help with light household tasks.

They’re a reassuring presence, providing compassionate support and practical help when you’re navigating the new waters of parenting.

Yes, NYC is all about the community. There are birth and postpartum doulas that offer sliding scale fees and sometimes even free services to Medicaid recipients.

They believe every person deserves support through pregnancy and childbirth, regardless of income.

Absolutely, a doula is there for both of you. Studies show that having a doula allows you and your partner to bond more deeply whether thats during labour and birth or postpartm.

A doula will help your partner to support you and ensure they’re feeling confident and involved. It creates a team approach for the birth and the changes that follow.

Doulas can provide a wealth of resources and referrals.

If you have specific needs, for instance, such as an obestrician that specialises in Caribbean women’s health or someone with expertise in certain medical conditions, your doula can help you find the additional resources and care you need.

Yes, if you’d like to have a home birth, many NYC doulas specialise in home births and can provide the personalized care and advocacy you’re looking for, ensuring you’re supported in the environment where you feel most comfortable.

Your doula will work in tandem with your healthcare team, acting as a bridge between you and the clinical staff.

While they don’t perform medical tasks, they’re there to support your emotional well-being, ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions, and advocate for your birth plan.


While NYC is a primary hub for our doula services, our network extends well beyond the city limits.

Within the United States, we also provide doula support in Boston, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

Internationally, we have partnered doulas in various parts of the UK, including London, Brighton, Gloucestershire, Manchester, and Liverpool, as well as in Australia with locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Melbourne.

We also offer doula services in Bali, Southeast Asia.

We’re constantly expanding our reach to ensure families all over the world can access the benefits of doula support.

If you’re outside these listed areas and looking for support, please get in touch.

We’re committed to helping you find the right doula support wherever you are, ensuring a positive and supported birthing and postpartum experience.