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Blissful Births finds, interviews, and vets the world’s best birth and postpartum doulas so that you don’t have to.

We save mums 50% of the time it takes to find a trusted doula

Giving birth is one of the greatest life events you’ll ever face. It’s hard, gruelling and you’ll need the best support you can get.

Every doula on the Blissful Births platform is hand-picked and vetted based on their merit.


After a doula is selected to join the platform, they’re interviewed on their personality traits.

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If the interview goes well, we do the standard background checks so you don’t have to.

Postpartum doula services

Before we approve the doula, we coach them through the rules and guidelines first.

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Hurray! Final step. The doula is approved to join the Blissful Births platform – ready to hire.

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How to hire a doula in 3 easy steps

Finding and hiring a doula that you can trust should be easy. Here’s how:


Visit our locations page, find your local area and see the doulas we have near you.


Choose from one of the hand-picked doulas we have in your area and fill in the form.


We’ll setup the meet and greet where you can get to know each other.

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