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Create the perfect birthing experience

Empowering and supporting women and families throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience with personalised virtual doula support anywhere in the world.


Feel prepared for anything

Dear yummy mummy, you’ve been through a lot. The morning sickness, mood swings and everyone touching your belly. Amongst the excitement and preparation, you can’t help but feel scared and unprepared for what lies ahead.

It seems like you’ve done everything you can; bought bags of baby clothes, burping clothes, muslin wraps and nappies. But you’re still anxious about the process.

That’s where a holistic virtual doula comes in. With someone by your side who’s been through it all, a holistic doula can support you through your journey to feel confident about the birth of your baby and prepared for the big day.

Tailored for you

Every birth story is unique, that's why I offer 100% personalised doula support designed around your desires and birth plan.

Your birth advocate

Your voice matters. I'll be your advocate, ensuring your preferences are honored throughout your birthing process.

Holistic approach

A doula with a holistic approach, nurturing your emotional well-being and mental strength before, during and after your birth.

I’m so grateful for Bere’s support during my second birth. Her virtual presence made a world of difference, helping me heal from my traumatic first experience.

Suzie – mumma of 2

Virtual Doula Services

I’m here to provide you with emotional support, help you create a birth plan tailored to your needs, and educate you about childbirth. And if you’ve got any questions about pregnancy, birth, or postpartum? I’ve got the answers. Plus, I’ll guide you through your pregnancy symptoms and offer the best natural remedies. After your little one arrives, I’ll continue to support you with postnatal care advice. I’ll even teach your partner some great massage techniques to use before, during, and after labor. Consider me your go-to for all things related to birth and babies.

Postpartum Doula

As you embark on this new journey, I'll be your house fairy, ill be there to guide you through the ups and downs. From the challenges of sore nipples and smelly nappies to the chaos of milk spills and tender parts, I'm here with you every step of the way. We can talk, laugh, and even cry – it's all part of the beautiful process of becoming a new parent.

Birth Doula

I've got you from the first twinge to the first cry. We'll laugh, chat, and breathe deeply, while your body works its magic. I'll be your support, your guide, your own personal cheerleader, as you bring your little one earthside. Together, we'll groove to the rhythm of your labor, until your bundle of joy finally arrives. You got this! You write your own birth story!

Pregnancy doula

We all need a sister to lean on during the ups and downs of pregnancy. Someone to help ease the nausea, support us through bed rest, and ride the emotional rollercoaster right alongside us. Together, we'll talk about everything under the sun to make sure you and your family are fully prepared to welcome your precious new cherub into the world.

You must have a lot of questions. I'm here to help

Your free, no-strings attached chit-chat session where you can ask all your questions and also learn a bit about me.

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Whether you’re expectant parents preparing to welcome your baby into the world or a doula looking for information to expand your knowledge, this blog will guide you along your journey.

As a certified birth doula and nurse, Bere’s mission is to ensure that women have the support they need in order to have a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

She is passionate about helping women have the birth they have always dreamed of without fear. Her hope is that through this blog, she will empower women, families, and follow labor and birth doulas worldwide to make informed decisions to have a beautiful, positive experience.

She encourages her readers to join her on this journey and loves connecting with them and hearing their stories!


It's 100% normal to feel scared and anxious

Let me tell you, feeling anxious, scared and unprepared is completely normal – whether this is your first or your fifth birth, each birth is different and brings different experiences. Unfortunately, many women and families experience traumatic births – their birth plans are thrown out the window, and they’re told, “This is how it’s going to happen”, and left feeling like they don’t have a say. Having a doula supporting you with your birthing choices has been shown to:

Frequently asked Virtual Doula questions

All the answers you could ever want from your virtual doula

What is a doula?

Sounds like a fancy word for someone who’s basically your pregnancy BFF.

We’re trained professionals who provide emotional, physical, and informational birth support to moms-to-be (and their partners too!).

We’re like your very own personal birth coach, helping you navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth.

We don’t replace your healthcare provider or birthing partner, but we work alongside them to make sure you have all the info you need to make informed decisions about your birth.

We’re there to hold your hand, offer a shoulder to cry on, and celebrate with you when that little bundle of joy finally arrives.

So, what is a doula? Just your new bestie, here to support through pregnancy, early labor, the process of your birth and postpartum healing.

What is a virtual doula, you ask?

a virtual doula is like the OG doula, but with a digital twist!

We’re like your tech-savvy sister, here to offer emotional, physical, and informational support to moms-to-be through the power of the interwebs.

Instead of meeting up in person, we use fancy tools like video chats, phone support, and text messaging to help you prepare for birth, answer your questions, and provide the support you need from anywhere in the world.

It’s like having a doula in your pocket, ready to offer words of wisdom and encouragement whenever you need it.

And the best part? You don’t even have to put on pants for our virtual consults.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too (while wearing sweatpants).

What services does a virtual doula offer?

Let me tell you, we’ve got a whole bag of tricks up our sleeves!

Virtual doula services include emotional support, help you create a birth plan, offer educational support, and answer any questions you have about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

We can also teach your birthing partner how to give one hell of a massage!

We’re like the human version of Google, but with a lot more empathy and a lot less ads.

We can help you understand what medical technology is available and why it may or may not be helpful in providing you with the best care.

And if that’s not enough, some of us even offer virtual prenatal yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, and tips for soothing your newborn.

We’re basically your one-stop-shop for all things birth and baby-related (except for diaper changes – you’re on your own for that one).

So, what types of virtual doula packages and virtual services can you expect from your online doula?

Anything and everything you need to feel supported during your labor and empowered during pregnancy and beyond.

Ah, the million-dollar question! How much does a virtual doula package cost?

Well, the good news is that virtual doula services are typically more affordable than in-person doula, since we’re not physically present.

But let’s be real – pregnancy and childbirth can be expensive, and every doula sets their own package prices based on their experience and the services they provide.

You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a couple thousand, depending on the package you choose.

But let me tell you, investing in a doula is like investing in your own personal cheerleader – someone to give you tips to help your labor progress, guide you with lactation and postpartum support and assist you have an unmedicated birth (if that’s in your birth plan).

Where do doulas work?

Well, we work wherever you need us to!

We’re kind of like ninjas – we can pop up wherever you need birth and postpartum support.

Whether it’s at your home, a birthing centre, or a hospital, your doula will be there to provide emotional, physical, and informational support.

Some even offer virtual doula services, so they can be there for you even if we’re not there to offer you physical support.

So, where do doulas work? Anywhere and everywhere, mumma!